Tomás Pereira, S.J. (1646-1708). Life, Work and World


The First International Symposium on Tomás Pereira, S.J. (1646-1708). Life, Work and World was organized by the Macau Scientific and Cultural Centre, a Public Institute of Portugal´s Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education and was held in Lisbon from 13th to 15th October 2008. The Proceedings of the Meeting are now published in October 2010.
The CCCM published the Portuguese/English bilingual edition of the Exhibition Catalogue of Tomás Pereira (1646-1708). A Jesuit in Kangxi´s China in 2009. These publications will be followed next year by the first volume of Opera Omnia by Tomás Pereira, S.J.

Edição de: Luís Filipe Barreto

ISBN: 978-972-858-620-1
Editores: CCCM – FCT
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