24th International CHIME Conference
6th Lisbon Conference:
Chinese Music and Musical Instruments

Lisbon/Mafra, Portugal 9–13 May 2023

… just one thing!
We have already received an impressive batch of paper and performance proposals for our upcoming meeting in Portugal. We look forward to a gorgeous event, featuring for CHIME as its 24th International Conference, and for the organizers in Portugal also as the 6th Lisbon Conference on Chinese Music and Musical Instruments, in a series initiated in 2016 by CCCM, the Macao Scientific and Cultural Centre.
We look ahead at some congenial days in the fine lecture hall of CCCM in the Portuguese capital, but will also meet up at the gorgeous National Palace in Mafra, with the smell of the nearby ocean in our nostrils, and an abundance of wild flowers adorning the nearby wild atlantic coast in springtime.
If it weren’t for a splendid array of concerts and lectures, the fine mellow spring weather, and the sheer quality of local Portuguese cuisine, not to forget the exquisite reputations of Lisbon and Mafra as beehives of music, should suffice to lure you to join our gathering in May!
We will soon provide more information about the programme and all the logistics.
Meanwhile, one more thing. We do realize that our time schedule for submissions has been a bit tight, so (honouring requests from participants who asked to be granted a few extra days to complete their abstracts!) we have decided to postpone the deadline by tagging on just one extra week. So now it will be 7 February! Please make sure that any additional paper or panel proposals have reached our mailbox (chime@wxs.nl) by that date, at the latest. The Programme Committee will complete its evaluation of the abstracts and announce its decisions in the week of 20 February. For details on the topics, the Programme Committee and guidelines for submitting abstracts, please consult our CHIME website: www.chimemusic.net

Brief glimpses ahead of our Lisbon/Mafra event…
Our programme in Portugal, at the very least, will include some fine new music documentaries, as well as recitals of yangqin by Paris-based Taiwanese performer Wang Yapin), liuqin, and morinkhuur (Mongolian horsehead fiddle, the latter instrument performed by Nachin, who will join us straight from the heartlands of the Ordos region). We have heard plenty of pipas and erhus before, so, bearing in mind our overall topic, we wanted to explore some other prominent instruments this time, which shine no less brightly on the firmament of East Asian traditional music… More on the performers in our next bulletin.
In Lisbon you can also expect a live performance of shadow theatre by the Paris-based Théâtre du Petit Miroir, led by the ever-engaging Jean Luc Penso and his Taiwanese partner and composer Liao Lin-Ni. And
last but not least, to honour the subtheme of ‘music and culture of indigenous groups’, we have been able to secure the presence of dancer, filmmaker and anthropologist Mukaddas Mijit (France).

CHIME keynote presenter in Lisbon: Mukaddas Mijit
The keynote speech at the Lisbon CHIME meeting in May will be given by ethnomusicologist, dancer, filmmaker and anthropologist Mukaddas Mijit (currently based in Briançon, in the French Alps). Although ‘speech’ may be the wrong word,since we hope that she will turn her presentation at least in part into a performative statement, which she already told us she was happy to do. It may even end up becoming a dance workshop to which we can all actively contribute…


Lisbon has been a warm and welcoming place for scholars of Chinese music ever since the Macau Scientific and Cultural Centre, in Lisbon, started its formidable series of meetings on Chinese Music and Musical Instruments, in 2016. This is already the sixth annual edition of that series, as well as the second time that Lisbon hosts an international conference of the European Foundation for Chinese Music Research (CHIME). The event will take place under the patronage of Jorge Álvares Foundation, with additional support from the Municipality of Mafra. The first three days will be held at the Macau Centre in Lisbon and the final two days will take place at the National Palace of Mafra. We look forward to an exciting programme, including some fine new music documentaries, recitals of yangqin and liuqin and other instruments, and a live performance of shadow theatre.

Apart from the overall topic of Chinese musical instruments, we identify the following sub-topics:
►Music and musical instruments of indigenous groups in China;
►Chinese musical instruments in Western collections;
►Chinese musical instruments in Western iconography;
►Presentations on ongoing research in Chinese music.

►For individual posters or for twenty-minute presentations on the conference theme, please submit an abstract of around 300 words.
►For panel sessions, which should not exceed 120 minutes, please submit an abstract of around 300 words detailing the focus of the panel as a whole, plus abstracts of 100–200 words for each contribution.
►Please add a short personal bio (of 100-200 words) to your abstract.

CHIME invites students, scholars and artists in the realm of Chinese music to submit proposals for individual papers or panels, or posters. Speakers from the People’s Republic of China and from other parts of Asia are explicitly welcome to join us. The conference, and presentations will primarily be held in English.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 15 February 2023. Notification of acceptance or rejection will take place by 23 February 2023. Submitters who depend on early acceptance for grant or visa applications may contact us to request earlier decisions.

All abstracts and all enquiries should be directed to the CHIME Conference Organizers for the 24th CHIME meeting, c/o Frank Kouwenhoven, email: <chime@wxs.nl>. For more on the conference, you can also check <www.chimemusic.nl>, where we will publish regular updates and <https://www.worldmusicforum.nl/chime-new-meetings-and-initiatives-on-chinese-music-ahead/>

Organising Institutions:
– The Macau Scientific and Cultural Centre in Lisbon
– The European Foundation for Chinese Music Research (CHIME)
– The Municipality of Mafra
– Portuguese National Museum of Music
– The Institute of Ethnomusicology of the New University of Lisbon
– The Confucius Institute of the University of Aveiro
– The Confucius Institute of the University of Minho

CHIME Conference Organizers:
Frank Kouwenhoven (CHIME, The Netherlands);
François Picard (Emeritus Professor of Université Paris-Sorbonne);
Helen Rees (UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology);
Enio de Souza (The Institute of Ethnomusicology of the New University of Lisbon).

Programa Preliminar