Travels & Knowledge (China, Macau and Global Connections)


The eight studies published herein are on the travels, travelers, information and knowledge resulting from the global international connections from the late 16th to mid-20th centuries. Studies with different perspectives, research drawing on diverse data, in many languages such as Chinese and Latin, Portuguese and Spanish (Castilian), German and Dutch. Qualitative and quantitative data seen from a multidisciplinary stance but in keeping with the topics and the problems of displacement in the space of groups, institutions, ideas and information. Integrating the research problem with the topic of the multiple connection between places, the transfer of people and knowledge.

The large majority of these case studies focus on Macau as a global frontier and platform. Macau as a micro-space of European and Asian migratory flows. As a European observatory of China and the Asia Pacific region but also as a Chinese observatory of Europes and Europeans, of new developments with world implications and the gathering and transmission of up-to-date information for global intermediation.

Macau is one of the first modern laboratories of the connection between the local micro and global macro. A maritime and coastal frontier that is the fruit of travel and travelers but also one that attracts other travelers and travel. A multiple Eurasian multiocean, multicontinental and multilingual frontier.

Edição de: Luís Filipe Barreto e Wu Zhiliang

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