The Mazu Cult. Historical Studies and Cross-Cultural Comparisons


The worship of Mazu (Tianfei, Tianhou, etc), the chinese Goddess of Seafarers, is very much alive in Fujian and Guangdong, on Taiwan and Hainan, in Macau and Hog Kong and among the overseas in Southeast Asia. Religious, political and other institutions in China’s coastal belt, especially in Fijian where the cult is said to have originated, as well as in many Taiwanese locations are involved in the promotion of the belief in Mazu. Temples and shrines dedicated to her, and often endowed with sizeable funds, have established highly complex relations across the Taiwan Strait and between communities in China and Southeast Asia, thereby actively contributing to the exchange of cultural achievements, religious tourism and, above all, to mutual understanding at all levels of society.

Autor: Jiehua Cai and Marc Nürnberger

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