Portuguese Books and their readers in the Jesuit Mission of China (17th-18th centuries)


Portugal and especially Lisbon have a special place as the natural basis of the ‘Padroado’ in general, and more in particular as the logistic platform of the same mission; this is materialized in the “procuratura” and its “procurator Missionum Orientalium”, both in the Colégio de Santo Antão. For many reasons, some internal (such as the loss of large parcels of the original historical documents) but others external (such as the wide-ranging ‘impetus’ of the research conducted in other countries, such as France and Italy) the country has not always been given the place it deserves. This observation applies to the field of general culture, including Portuguese book and reading culture, in every possible domain; more precisely Portuguese science is an almost absent chapter in the study of the Far Eastern mission. This is immediately revealed by my more comprehensive study of the circulation of Western books from Europe to China in the same period (more precisely, between ca. 1650-1770).

Autor: Noël Golvers

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