Historical Perspectives on China & Macau, and Contacts with Europe during the Ming & Qing Dynasties

This volume, which inaugurates one of the new CCCM book series, devoted to historical studies, consists of the compilation of eleven chapters by ten authors. The volume is focused on maritime East Asia, Macau, intercultural contacts and other aspects that have China and the Sea as their central axes. These chapters span a temporal arc that extends, for the most part, from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, while in some cases they also encompass the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. It can thus be stated that they cover the late-Ming and Qing dynasties.
Due to the thematic diversity of the contributions, this volume is organized in three sections. The first section is titled ‘Chinese Maritime Trade, Entrepreneurs, and Routes’, the second ‘Contacts and Perceptions: Writing, Publishing and Exhibiting’, and the third ‘Macau, Networks and Archival Materials’.

Edited by: Carmen Amado Mendes and Isabel Murta Pina

ISBN: 978-972-8586-59-1
Published by: CCCM – UM
Edition: Lisboa, 2022 | Language: English | Nº Pages: 292
Dimensions: 230x150x17 mm
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