China-Macau and Globalizations: Past and Present


Global – globalization – is now a key topic and problem not only in history but also other social sciences such as sociology, anthropology, economics and geography. The different and even conflicting meanings attributed to the term in practical language and in the different disciplines of knowledge indicate that, just as happened with Modernities, there are also multiple Globalizations in time and space and going back from the distant past to the present.
A full understanding of the global/local/national/international linkages and their implications both in the past and the present requires specific studies that inform us about the demographics and technologies, monetary and market conditions, intellectual and political situations and their connections, transfer and competition. These specific and concrete studies on the faces and phases of the globalizations in China/Macau with all the other Worlds of the World also make a valuable contribution to objectifying and specifying the question of the global. Progress in the studies on globalization entails localization in time and in space and it requires expertise in the research of contact, connection, circulation and integration processes.


Edição de: Luís Filipe Barreto & Wu Zhiliang

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