2023 Spring Conferences

The next round of conferences will, we expect, take place in a face-to-face format, with the exception of the first panel each morning, which will be dedicated exclusively to Portuguese speakers who are abroad (their participation will be via Zoom). The language for paper presentations made in person in the conference sessions, and for Q&A, will be exclusively Portuguese.

On the three Saturdays on which conference sessions will be held, we open participation to scholars who do not speak Portuguese, and the working language will be English, as happened in 2022. Participation on Saturdays will be a hybrid format, either face-to-face or by Zoom. Since many of the English-speaking presenters who are expected to speak on Saturdays do not reside in Portugal, international travel can be reduced.

March 1st to 4th – CCCM Macau Conference;

March 6th to 11th – CCCM China Conference;

March 20th to 25th – CCCM Asia Conference.