The majority of the documents are available in the free access services or can be requested in the service desk.

Documental Consultation

The majority of the documents are available in the free access services or can be requested in the service desk.

Bibliographic Catalog

The Bibliographic Catalogue is available online free of charge.

Home Loans

Home Loan is defined as the provision of documents for reading outside the premises of the Centre. The home loan for publications is provided individually to each user. Users who have a Library Card can request a maximum of two books, each for a maximum period of four days (the number of days excludes weekends).

The publications available for home loan are placed on the shelves that are freely accessible, and each volume is marked with green label on its spine.

In the event of any irregularity being detected by one of the Library control devices, the Library employees on duty are required to ensure adherence to Library Regulations. It is the responsibility of Library employees, for this purpose, to request a visitor to display the contents of any folder, backpack, handbag, purse and/or wallet, when required.

Loan renewal can be requested until the last day of a respective loan period, in person at the Library, or by e-mail. Loan renewal cannot be approved by telephone.

Users can lose the right to renew the loan if they miss the deadline, or if the Library needs the publication in question to satisfy another request. When a loan period has been exceeded, the reader is subject to a fine of 0,50€ for each day of delay, up to a maximum of 10€.

If the publication is not returned within three months, the Library will proceed to replace the work, in which case the reader who has failed to return the loan will be liable to pay the costs associated with the delay and all the costs involved in the replacement of the publication. When justified by convenience or urgency at the Library, the person in charge of the Library may require the return of a publication before the period of home loan has expired.

In any and all circumstances, readers are responsible for the publication or document they have requested, and must compensate the Library in case of damage or loss. By damage, the Library means bending, cutting or tearing, writing or scratching, drawing, underlining, staining or wetting the pages or cover of any publication or document, as well as removing or disabling any signs or other forms of identification used by the Library.

It is the responsibility of the person in charge of the Library to decide whether the damages caused to a document are, or are not, subject to compensation. The calculation of the value of the compensation to be paid by the reader, in the case of damage or loss of one or more publications, is made by the person in charge of the Library, taking into account the real or estimated value of the publication, as well as all the expenses involved in the restoration and/or acquisition of a new copy.

Wi-Fi Access

Wi-Fi access is available throughout the whole Library.

Reproduction of Documents

The possibility of making reproductions on paper by photocopying is provided for readers. The provision of reproduction services aims to supply needs for access to content that cannot be sufficiently or adequately met by face-to-face services. No reproduction may jeopardize the conservation of documents or contribute to their degradation. For this reason, the provision of this service is subject to prior assessment of the nature and conservation status of the works to be reproduced, and/or the impact of the reproduction processes on them.

The following cannot be photocopied:

  • handwritten and rare works;
  • works in poor condition;
  • other works that, due to their physical nature (volume, type of binding, etc.), may suffer considerable damage.

The reproduction or duplication of audiovisual materials must be requested in writing, explaining the purposes for which it is intended. The use of self-service reproduction equipment required the possession of a valid Library Card. For self-service reproductions, users must purchase a rechargeable payment card. The delivery of reproduction works upon request, collected in person, requires payment in full at the service desk at the time of collection. The delivery of reproduction works on request and sent by post abroad is made after the full payment of the respective invoice, that has previously been sent. In such cases, payment must be made by bank transfer in euro.

Reproductions, of any kind, provided by the Library are intended for private use only, under the terms of the legislation in force. It is the sole responsibility of the user of this service to comply with the provisions of the Code of Copyright and Related Rights, in this matter. The Library refuses to accept any responsibility for any loss caused to third parties resulting from any form of misuse of the reproductions that the Library provides.

The prices of reproduction services provided by the Library are established based on the principle of cost recovery and are as follows:

  • Photocopy A4 – 0,10 € / page
  • Photocopy A4 front and back  – 0,15 € / sheet
  • Photocopy A3 – 0,20 € /page

Interlibrary Loans

Through the interlibrary loans, the Library provides users from other libraries and documentation centres with extensive access to its collection. This service consists of sending photocopies or works, by email, for local consultation.

Information and Reference Service

The Library assists with request for information, bibliographic searches and provides guidance for the effective use of sources and resources to readers.