The Centre has an editorial plan that includes academic and professional teaching manuals, critical publications from unpublished sources and scientific research studies, edition of conferences and colloquia minutes, as well as exhibition catalogs, Museum guides and a semiannual newsletter. The publications of the Centre, in Portuguese and English (in the near future also in Chinese), are intended for multiple and different audiences. There are works aimed exclusively at the specialized community, national and international, of scientific research in the areas of social sciences, synology, international and intercultural relations on Europe-China and the study on Macau. However, there are also editions for the general public aimed at disseminating updated and insightful information about China and Portugal’s historical and cultural ties with China and Macau. Among the specialized poles and the general public, there are publications for a specific intermediate public looking for, for example, Chinese language introduction manuals or introduction to other matter of implication in Europe-East Asia relations. The Centre works in network at the national and international scales, so its editorial activity expresses this multiple relationship through co-editions of works and journals with other centers, institutes, universities and publishing houses. The commitment to publishing with other partners became a reality in 2008 and its increasingly reinforced.